By combining synergies between us and our customers, we develop an external and impartial opinion of the agricultural industry in general. Hortitool Consulting, together with its clients, creates moments of discussion and improvement, to evaluate and maintain sustainability, the innovation of agricultural companies and the agricultural industry at national and international level. We support and promote an open and critical discussion about the business models of each client(agricultural consultancy), to create and maintain a continuous changes in the processes of agricultural companies.


consultoria agrícola 1 - agricultural consultancy

Agricultural technical assistance


  • Berry specialists.
  • Analysis of soil, plants, and water.
  • Implementation of new varieties.
  • Evaluation and advice on agricultural projects.
consultoria agrícola 2 - agricultural consultancy

Business model support(agricultural consultancy)


  • Network of plant breeding programs.
  • Introduction of new varieties in Berries.

Plant breeding programs


  • Introduction of field trials at the commercial level.
  • Breeding assistance for choosing advanced selections.


The latest events worldwide and the constant need to be connected, led us to participate in some online seminars. In the future, we intend to promote more projects and ideas online.
In 2020, we participated in seminars and specialty classes such as master’s classes and online training for organizations supporting developing countries.
In 2019 we were invited to participate, as organizers and moderators, in Agadir’s international conference Morocco Berry Congress, along with the Moroccan consulting company, Green Smile.

In 2021, we will also be, in partnership with INIAV and COTHN, at the Small Fruit Collective, in São Teotónio, as organizers and sponsors. Thus, we bet not only on bringing our experience to all corners of the country, but also to third countries, creating partnerships with partner entities in the universe of the Berry industry, worldwide.

Innovation and commitment are our motto

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