MBC Berries Post-Harvest Masterclass on-line

Today´s berry crops are constantly available 12 months a year, in supermarket shelves and supply chain is key to have this gigantic challenge, putting healthy and high-quality fruits in the shelves. However, quality starts in the field, where fruits are picked and post-harvest management and quality that arrives to the supply chain, depends on the work that growers and technicians do every day to keep and improve quality of our beloved berries fruits. With this in mind, Green Smile and Hortitool Consulting, introduce for the fall of

2021, the MBC Berries Post-Harvest Masterclass on-line. Manuel madrid, Fruitprofit, from spain and Daniela Segantini, Rubus R&D Specialist, from Italy will be the speakers during this masterclass.

With the help of these 2 international experts, in October and November 2021, we want to bring to the berry community worldwide, a deep approach and analysis about the key factors, that needs to keep the post-harvest characteristics of berries which arrive at the supermarket shelves. We would like to invite all our berry community friends, partners and sponsors to stay tuned about this special and intensive course that will help, growers, agronomists, packhouse managers to learn and anticipate problems and bring solutions to their daily problems.




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